Throughout history, Amethyst has been used to overcome addictions and physical
weaknesses by assisting the decision making process and clarifying right life
choices for oneself.
Promoting emotional centering, the Amethyst dispels anger, fear, rage and anxiety
while alleviating loss and grief.
Place a raw Amethyst crystal anywhere in your home to benefit from its calming powers
and make a bold design statement. Known for its calming affects, this crystal will
alleviate your stress and dispel anger, fear and rage.

Improving self-esteem and creating a positive flow amongst oneself, Citrine is a powerful healing crystal which aids in one's physical endurance.

Symboling joy and abundance, this unique gem also assists in digestion in facilitating transfers of energy from one to the other.

To make a design and wellness statement, you're going to need one of our Citrine Geodes.

Providing motivation and activating creativity, a custom stand is the perfect natural addition to your home.



Our natural Agate stones and slices are the perfect accessory for your home or office.

Agate is a natural healing stone with cleansing abilities which transform negativity and

improve your concentration.

Available in an array of colors, sizes and shapes, Agate is a versatile stone with many

benefits and purposes such as providing balance, calmness, harmony

and stimulating digestion.



Gifting us with fresh air and life, trees are essential on this earth.  

Absorbing the toxic chemicals we produce and giving us clean air in return, without trees our life as we know it would cease to exist. 

Gemstone trees pay a tribute to this crucial being and represent the gift of life.

Each stone is handpicked by a selection of high quality crystals and minerals to ensure maximum wellness results.



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